Small Group Training

A great social environment to help you improve
your health and well-being.

These groups will consist of 10-12 clients per class.

We will be offering the following small group training classes:

Total body strength

This group class teaches you how to properly lift weights. Depending on your current abilities, exercise progressions and regressions will be offered to help you improve and set new personal records. A variety of exercises utilizing barbells, dumbbells and kettle-bells are implemented in this program. A great way for you to build muscle, strength, and bone density in a safe and fun environment!

Suspension Training

This group class offers you the use of our suspension trainers which is a dynamic way to change up your routine exercise workouts. Suspension training is easy on the joints and is a fun way to increase strength, flexibility, and abdominal stability. Suspension training can be a great challenge, but your All Around Fitness trainer will assist you in determining the right difficulty level for you!

Super Training

This group strongman/strong-woman class uses non-traditional gym exercises to help you become STRONG. While attending this class you try a variety of exercises including: sled work, prowler pushes, slam downs, tosses, throws, battle ropes, farmer’s walks, and more. This is a great class for someone who wants to try something completely different for fitness, while getting an amazing workout.


This circuit style group class is changed daily and incorporates a huge variety of exercise modalities, including dumbbell, kettle-bell, medicine ball, and a multitude of others. This high intensity class uses super-sets, tri-sets, and giant sets to take you to your max! If you want to develop over-all strength, endurance, and body tone, this is the perfect class for you.

condition & Recover

This group style class focuses on promoting cardiovascular conditioning and recovery methods to help you recover from tough workouts on your strength training days.  After warming up through a mobility promoting movement series, you will start your cardiovascular training, which will vary depending on your own personal fitness level.  Then you will use Self Myofascial Release (SMR), mobility exercises, and flexibility training to help increase blood flow, as well as well as massage your sore muscles.  Your trainer will take you through foam rolling exercises, dynamic movements and static stretches to assist you in increasing your flexibility.  This class is a great way to promote aerobic conditioning and physical restoration from strength training stresses.  

Power HOur

This hands-on class introduces you to the sport of Olympic weight lifting. You will be taught the core Olympic movements, including the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk exercises. Olympic weightlifting is a great way to improve your: explosive power, total body strength, and overall flexibility. This class is best for someone with a minimum of 6 months of weight training experience.

Please complete and return our intake form to your personal trainer or to the reception desk prior to or at your first scheduled training session.


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